since 1929

Salt Water Taffy


From the Jersey shore to your door, we at Criterion Chocolates use only the finest ingredients to make our salt water taffy. Cooked in copper kettles over a gas stove, we hand mix the purest ingredients using recipes passed down three generations. Corn syrup, pure cane sugar, butter and….well, we can’t give all our secrets away. Salt and water are added and we start cooking our "batch". Our taffy is then cooked to 240-250 degrees depending on the climate. From the stove to a water cooled table the taffy will start to cool down and set up. At the precise time, it is taken off the table and put onto a "taffy puller". It’s here the coloring and purest of flavors are added. After some time on the puller, the taffy "log" is ready to be cut and wrapped. From wooden paddles to metal cooling table, we still make taffy the old fashioned way.


Criterion salt water taffy mix contains a flavorful variety including chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry, and peppermint to name a few. Our one pound box will bring a taste of New Jersey shore right to your door!


Salt Water Taffy Packages


Salt Water Taffy Individual Flavors - $7.95/lb




















Salt Water Taffy Assorted Gift Box (1 lb.) - $8.95

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